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June 29th, 2016



The sinking of the s.s. City of Manchester

- March 27th, 2016: American Lapwing-class Minesweepers
- April 16th, 2016: American Minesweeper USS Lark
- April 28th, 2016: American Jupiter-class Colliers
- May 21st, 2016: American Collier USS Jupiter
- May 22nd, 2016: American Carrier USS Langley
- May 23rd, 2016: Stephen Corner Stephenson Taws
- May 23rd, 2016: Ali Azam
- May 23rd, 2016: Guy Smith Roberts
- August 25th, 2016: Ernest Burnham
- August 25th, 2016: Bernard Egbert Berntsen


World War II History
The history of the Second World War

Military Power History
The history weapons and equipment

Units and Organisations in History
The history on Units and Organisations, both military and civilian

Persons in History
The history on individual persons

Awards and Decorations History
The history of Awards and Decorations

No country can maintain a defence without companies that manufacture, maintain and repair their weaponry and equipment

Bemmel's History
The history of the town I live in

Dutch Rail
This part gives information about the Dutch Railway system and as a bonus shows images of my N-gauge (1:160) model railway, another hobby of mine.

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