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May 22nd, 2016

United Kingdom

s.s. City of Manchester / Crew List

List of crewmembers through the years for as far as known.


Abdoolla, Mahomed
No image available
unknown, ? - June 19th, 1936 (passed away on the ship)
Abdooramon, Esmail
No image available
unknown, ? - February 28th, 1938 (passed away on the ship)
Ameer, Abass
No image available
unknown, ? - December 26th, 1937 (passed away on the ship)
Azam, Ali
No image available
Seaman, ? - February 28th, 1942 (KIA, February 28th, 1942)
Bernsten, Bernard Egbert
No image available 8th Engineer, October 29th, 1940 - February 28th, 1942 (POW)
Brocklebank, Alexander No image available
2nd Officer, ? - February 28th, 1942 (Survivor)
Burnham, Ernest
No image available Quartermaster, ? - February 28th, 1942 (POW, passed away May 24th, 1945)
No image available Captain, ?
Hassanoudin, A.A.
No image available
unknown, ? - February 28th, 1942 (passed away in 1942, possibly during the attack or as POW)
Johnson, Harry
No image available Captain, ? - February 28th, 1942 (Survivor)
Mahd, Esmail
No image available unknown, ? - January 29th, 1939 (passed away on the ship)
Massey, Adrian Hugh
No image available Radio Officer, ? - February 28th, 1942 (Survivor)
Roberts, Guy Smith
No image available Apprentice, ? - February 28th, 1942 (KIA, February 28th, 1942)
Sterry, F.C.
No image available First Wireless, ? - February 28th, 1942 (Survivor)
Taws, Stephen Corner Stephenson
No image available Chief Officer, ? - February 28th, 1942 (DOW, passed awaey on board U.S.S. Tulsa, March 3rd, 1942)

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Text: Wilco Vermeer
- Deaths at Sea, Find My Past (Retrieved May 23rd, 2016)
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