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December 16th, 2016

Locomotives /
Electrical NS 1200

serie 1200
1201-1225 (NS)
1251-1255 (ACTS/EETC)
(image: Niels Karsdorp)
Builder: Werkspoor N.V. Amsterdam
Weight: 108 Tonnes
Length:18.086 metres
Max. Speed: 150 km/h
Axels: Co'Co'e
Power rating: 3340 Hp (2.454,9 kW)
Traction: 6 x Heemaf type TM 94

NS 1201
NS 1201 was delivered by Werkspoor in turquoise livery on October 31st, 1951 and started its test runs. The locomotive was delivered to the Nederlandse Spoorwegen on November 26th, 1951 and went into service on January 9th, 1952. On July 29th, 1980 the NS 1201 was painted in Blue and painted in Grey/Yellow onDecember 11th, 1980. The lovomotive was renovated in february 1981. On April 8th, 1998 the locomotive was taken out of service. The locomotive was bought by the Werkgroep 1501 and intensively retored to its original turqoise livery. Today the NS 1201 is owned by the Nederlands Spoorweg Museum and on permanent display.
NS 1201 at the gates of the Heemaf factory where it was photographed for promotional reasons, December 8th, 1951
(image: Collectie HCO)
NS 1201 on
March 24th, 1980
in blue livery
(image: de Mey, Aad)

NS 1201 in the Nederlands Spoorweg Museum (Dutch Railway Museum) on April 21st, 2016. Here it is on permanent display.
(image: Werkgroep Loc 1501/Stichting Klassieke Locomotieven)
The NS 1201 was produced in H0 model by Märklin with production number 37124 in the museum version. (image: Märklin)

NS 1202
NS 1202 was delivered in turquoise livery. The locomotive entered servie with NS on January 9th, 1952. The 1202 was painted blue in June 1955 and was renovated on February 20th, 1981. In June 1996 the locomotive was taken out of service and was handed over to the Nederlands Spoorweg Museum. Here it has been restored to its blue livery and is in full working order.

NS 1202 in grey/yellow and modernised
version at Bad Bentheim on June 21st, 1986
(image: Phil Richards)
NS 1202 from the Nederlandse Spoorweg Museum
at Soest in 2003
(image: Niels Karsdorp)

Märklin produced the NS 1202 in H0 with production number 3161 and in blue livery.

The 1202 was produced by Piko in N as Piko 40461 in the modernized grey/yellow livery

NS 1204

Ns 1204 at Amersfoort with Plan E coaches
at the end of the 1950's, beginning of the 1960's
(image: collectie De Pater / collectie Het Utrechts Archief / )

H0 Fleischmann 92 4372

NS 1207

NS 1207 in turquoise livery at Utrecht Central Station
March 21st, 1952
(image: Schaik, W.P.F.M. van / collectie Het Utrechts Archief /

NS 1208

NS 1208 at the Railway works in Tilburg in February 1971
painted in the then new Ns Grey/Yellow livery
(image: Nederlandse Spoorwegen / collectie Het Utrechts Archief / )

NS 1211

NS 1211
(image: Esseling, P.A.N.)

H0 Märklin 37120

NS 1215

NS 1215 on June 17th, 1955
(image: Schaik, W.P.F.M. van / collectie Het Utrechts Archief /

NS 1217

NS 1217 near Utrecht Central Station on April 16th, 1964
(image: Nederlandse Spoorwegen / collectie Het Utrechts Archief / )

NS 1220

NS 1220 at Utrecht Central Station on July 8th, 1952 in redbrown livery
(image: Schaik, W.P.F.M. van / collectie Het Utrechts Archief / )

NS 1221 / ACTS 1255

ACTS 1255 at Amsterdam Houtrakpolder in 2008
with the Coevorden2-shuttle.
(image: onbekend/Wikipedia)

NS 1222


H0 Märklin 37126

NS 1225 / EETC 1252

NS 1225 in the 1970's
(image: Nederlandse Spoorwegen / collectie Het Utrechts Archief / )
EETC 1252 at Amersfoort during
the NS 175 year anniversary
in Märklin livery in May 2014
(image: Roel Hemkes)

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